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Resources for patients

  • Understanding scleroderma

    An overview of scleroderma, outlining symptoms and disease management, which will help you learn more about the condition.

    • 4.58 MB
    • 42 pages
    understanding scleroderma
  • Managing lung problems in scleroderma

    Useful information about lung problems, how these are monitored and managed.

    • 1.24 MB
    • 20 pages
    Managing lung problems in scleroderma
  • Progress chart

    Fill in this chart with your own goals. It can help you plan your next steps and track your success.

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    • 1 page
    Progress chart
  • Body map

    Take this body map to your appointment to show your doctor or nurse which parts of your body are experiencing symptoms.

    • 80.25 KB
    • 1 page
    Diagram of the human anatomy and body map
  • Appointment planner

    You can use this planner with your doctor or nurse to collect details of upcoming appointments and tests.

    • 19.9 KB
    • 1 page
    Medical planning chart template with example

Resources for loved ones'

  • Learning what scleroderma means

    A guide for caregivers and loved ones' including an overview of scleroderma as well as explanation of the signs and symptoms and how they can be managed.

    • 2.96 MB
    • 44 pages
    Learning what scleroderma means
  • Caring for someone with scleroderma

    Here you can find answers to questions related to work, family life, mental and emotional health, eating, drinking and staying active.

    • 1.38 MB
    • 34 pages
    Caring for someone with scleroderma
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