Nail blood vessel test

A nail blood vessel test is also known as nailfold capillaroscopy. Learn about this painless test, that helps doctors to assess the health of blood vessels all over the body.

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Patient receiving nail blood vessel test

Looking at:

The small blood vessels in the skin near your nails. Scleroderma damages the small blood vessels, so examining this easy to see area can aid diagnosis. 

What to expect:

A doctor or nurse will use a microscope or a small camera (a dermatoscope) to look at the skin at the bottom of your fingernails (your nailfold). The process of viewing these blood vessels (capillaries) is called nailfold capillaroscopy. The test is painless and usually takes place in a doctor’s office.1

Understanding your results:

The results will show the general health of the blood vessels in your body. In scleroderma, blood vessels can be abnormally shaped, and this can affect how your blood reaches areas of your body.

Did you know?

Abnormally-shaped blood vessels might be one reason for blood flow problems in scleroderma like Raynaud’s phenomenon.