Making the most of your appointment

Your medical team can give you lots of support, valuable information and advice. This section will help you plan what to say and what to ask at each appointment, so that you can make the most of your time.

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During appointments, it can sometimes be difficult to remember everything that your doctors and nurses have said, and everything that you want to discuss.

Here you can find a body map, a list of questions and a planner that you can take to your appointments to help you. If you can't print them, you could make your own drawings and write down a list of your biggest questions.

You may find it helpful to take a list of your questions to each appointment, so that you don’t forget to ask everything you want to. Leave space to write down the doctor's answers too, if you can. There may be so much information to take in during an appointment that it is easy to forget details. Don't be afraid to ask for extra time to write or ask your doctor to repeat themselves. 

Your questions can be about anything, but below are some examples that other people with scleroderma have asked.

Planning next steps with your specialist team

It can be reassuring to know what's going to happen next in your medical care, and when. The downloadable chart below can be filled in with your doctor or nurse. It can be used to collect details of the tests and appointments you will have over the next few months, to help you plan ahead.

  • Appointment planner

    Take this appointment planner with you when you see your doctor.

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    Medical planning chart template with example

Contact your doctor

Ask your doctor to explain what each test/appointment is for and how to prepare.