Hand symptoms

There are a variety of practical things you can do to help manage the effects of scleroderma on your hands. Read our top tips below. 

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Hands in gloves
  • Wear gloves or carry handwarmers.1 With Raynaud's phenomenon, keeping your hands warm is important.

  • Try to give up smoking. Nicotine constricts the small blood vessels and makes Raynaud's phenomenon worse.2

  • Wear several layers of loose clothing rather than one thick layer. This can help prevent rubbing if you have chillblains.3

  • Keep your fingers supple with exercises. Your doctor or nurse may show you some to do or advise you to see a physiotherapist.3

  • Always see your doctor if you get an ulcer or open sore on your fingers, to make sure it doesn't get infected.

Contact your doctor

Your doctor/nurse can offer other ways to manage your hand symptoms.