An echocardiogram gives your healthcare team a detailed picture of how well your heart is moving and pumping blood. Find out how it can help spot the early signs of pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH).1,2

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Echocardiogram test

Looking at:

The structure and function of your heart, as well as how well blood moves through it to the lungs.1

What to expect:

Echocardiography uses sound waves to create a detailed moving image of your heart.1 The doctor or nurse will move a probe over your chest to get different images, a bit like the ultrasound performed on pregnant women. It will also create a measure of the blood pressure in the right side of your heart (that pumps blood into your lungs), which helps the doctors spot and treat PAH.

It’s a completely painless test and will only take from 15 minutes to an hour.2

Understanding your results:

Your doctor will analyse the results and discuss these with you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.