COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

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In this document Boehringer Ingelheim has compiled and summarized some general information about COVID-19 as a service. With respect to linked information from third parties, we have selected the sources carefully for credibility but cannot make any representations and/or warranties with regard to their accuracy or the completeness of the provided and/or selected information. This document/information shall only serve for your background information and cannot replace consultation through a physician. Please make sure that you discuss any questions and/or concerns with regard to your disease with your physician. Please also make sure that you always follow your local rules with regard to behavioral measures.

  1. (What is COVID-19?):

  2. (Q & A on coronaviruses):

  3. (Q & A on COVID-19):

  4. ELF video on coronavirus according to a respiratory expert:

  5. (symptoms of COVID-19):

  6. (symptoms of coronavirus):

  7. (what can you do if you are at high risk of serious illness from COVID-19):

  8. (COVID-19 information and recommendations):

  9. (COVID-19 advice for you):

  10. SPIN videoforum:

  11. (guidance for patients during the COVID-19 outbreak):

  12. (your questions answered by a respiratory expert):

  13. EULAR guidance video for patients with rheumatic diseases:

  14. (how to protect yourself and others):

  15. (how to minimize spread of coronavirus):

  16. (guide to handwashing):

  17. CDC video on handwashing:

  18. BBC video on how to avoid touching your face:

  19. (social distancing):

  20. (Leaflet on isolation and quarantine):

  21. (use of face masks):

  22. (steps to take when sick):

  23. (managing your symptoms at home):