Blood pressure test

Blood pressure is a simple way to monitor general health. Find out how it can be measured by you, your doctor or nurse.  

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Patient receiving blood pressure test

Looking at: 

The pressure of the blood in the main blood vessels that supply your body.

What to expect:  

You may have had one of these tests before. A band will be put around your upper arm. The doctor or nurse will then fill it full of air. This might briefly feel a bit uncomfortable. The air will then slowly be released. 

The test usually takes place in a doctor’s office. You can also buy a blood pressure monitor to use at home in-between medical appointments.

Understanding your results: 

Blood pressure is used to monitor general health or determine if other diseases are causing your symptoms. Blood pressure comes in waves, so two numbers are recorded: the maximum pressure (systolic) and the minimum (diastolic).1 They are written like this: 120/80 mmHg.

Normal blood pressure varies from person to person. Your doctor or nurse will be able to tell you what is normal for you. If you’re monitoring your own blood pressure, check with your doctor or nurse if either of your numbers change by more than 10 between tests.